I have moved this blog to a new home, please come and visit. :)

So I've decided it's time to finish my "love and hate" relationship with "the big blue box with the yellow branding". 5 years and 5 months! I have learnt a lot but I think time for me to move on. When I sent my first cv out a few weeks ago, I felt great. At least, I'm doing something about it rather than just sitting here and moaning about not getting any job satisfaction from my current job.

It might feel a bit sudden but the thought of quitting my job has gone through my mind a thousand times in the past 6 months and finally I did it. It is a relief and I feel much lighter. Some people say it's risky to quit a job without one lined up, but life is too short to be unhappy , not to mention safe and easy options may not be that safe and as easy as people think. Risk or opportunity? People will have their own view on that but I see great opportunities out there.

10 years ago, I wouldn't have even considered living in London was an option; too crowded, too dirty, too busy etc etc. It was risky to move to London over year ago, to live with a guy that I had only seen for few months, but I'm very happy I made that choice, cos my gut feeling told me to do so. Sometimes, there is only one way to find out if things will work out or not, and that's to give it a go.

So, what next? I will certainly be looking for a new job, and this time, no more "easy" options. It might take a while but I am prepared for that. There are lots things to do on my list too, focusing on selling my handmade accessories is one. If it works that's brilliant, if not, at least I know I have tried.

It's a big wild world out there, and I'm very excited that I have the opportunity to explore it. I'm grateful that my boyfriend supports the idea but is also being realistic and keeping my feet on the ground.

Finally, I see the light. And finally, I update my blog for the first time this year! :)
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I feel really honored when people message me to say that they have featured my items on their blog or website and it's a good feeling to know that people like the stuff I make. :) My items were featured in the following blogs: Hellozombie's I Like Pretty Necklace, Cuteable's Back to School Part1 and Shop UK Handmade's New Designers Added.

Recently, I've been experimenting with different materials and trying a little bit of mix and match in my projects. I have quite a few new ideas, however, by trying to do the "woman thing" "muti-tasking", I often leave the projects half finished! But hopefully there will be some newly completed, fresh and exciting creations in my Etsy shop soon.

I do find working full time and crafting part time is hard, it feels like my full time job has sucked all of my energy. It doesn't help that I'm not exactly having a great time at work at the moment, I feel like I'm working twice as hard but running around like a headless chicken and achieving nothing. To release my frustration, I said to my mangers that I wish I was working for myself then laughed it off. It's been interesting working for the same company but in different cities for the past 5 years, seeing how two different branches have very different ways of running business. Deep in my heart I know which way of working is better. Something I've learnt so far is that a good business plan is so important and simply being organized.

Booooo, so tempting to turn this blog entry into a work moaning one, hehe, but I do love my work and have lots of passion for it, if I'm doing what my job description says. :p All jobs have their highs and lows and hopefully mine will get better soon, otherwise, I will be sitting in my living room feeling exhausted, being grumpy and moody and taking it out on my boyfriend, no bags or button necklaces made, grrr...that's not something I want!

Here comes the sunny weekend and the yucky tube journey!

So, I dragged my boyfriend to Craftacular today. Poor thing, first was Angel's sale, then Designer Guild sale, now he has to go to craft fair with me, it's really ruining his double tough cold hearted image!! But hey, end of the day, we both agreed it was a nice day out!!

We didnt make to the first 100 to Craftacular to get the goodie bag, it was actually a queue when we got there To be honest, I didnt expect there would be so many people. The craft fair wasn't quite what I expected, maybe just because it's a little bit different to the ones I have been to when I was in Edinburgh. (The one in Princess Street Garden during the Edinburgh Festival is lovely!!)

Believe it or not, my boyfriend actually spent more money than I did! ;) He bought a print fromMADE BY KATE. (Kate makes the sock monsters and her husband does the illustration for cute monsters). He also bought two hand printed tea towels, Veggie Brekkie and Full English Breakfast, from Mr PS. We both liked the cards from Fluffy Thoughts, and I got 2 badges from there as well, thought the "Muffinator" is very funny! Here comes my favourite thing in the whole craft fair, the knitted candy brooches from Knit and Destroy, they are sooooooo cute!!

After shoving down a cupcake with pink icing, we went to Liberty. The haberdashery on the 3rd floor is one of my favourite places, I can spend hours and hours there, even if there is nothing new to see since my last visit.Liberty Celebrates Prints Charming was quite interesting too.

Bought some glass and shell beads from Creative Beadcraft and some kimchi from Chinese supermarket, would love to check out Cath Kidston's new collection but I don't think my boyfriend would love that idea! I had a horrible week at work, I think it's ending well, at least, I have had a great day just wandering about in London and my boyfriend is truly deserves a lazy day in front of TV watching premier league tomorrow! ;)
It has been a horrible horrible horrible week at work. Did I say I've had a horrible week at work? ;) In the evenings, I was just too tired to do anything else except for sitting on the sofa, browsing tinterweb then falling asleep. Waking up about 11 o'clock, brushed my teeth (lol, dont ask me why!) then went back to sleep again.

Despite I had a horrible week at work, hehe, there was something good - Amy Butler's event in John Lewis on 19th August!! Meeting Amy Butler is even better than going to a Take That concert!! It was a great experience.

The event was held in one of the rooms/offices above the John Lewis store on Oxford Street, made to look great with some bags, quilts, dresses and some other bits and pieces made from Amy's patterns and fabric. Then there was the lovely lady herself, friendly and smiley and just so down to earth. Amy showed us lots of photos from her travels in Indonesia and India which have inspired her new fabric collection. She also gave us a sneak preview of her new range of bed linens, towels, rugs, handbags and her new craft project software. I was very impressed with how much detailed work is involved in making handmade rugs. For that reason, I think they are worthy every penny and now I would never complain that handmade rugs are too expensive!

As my friend Michelle said, it was a little bit like sitting in a close friend's living room and listening to her traveling stores with tea, coffee and some tasty pastries. It was that causal and relaxed. Amy also chatted with everyone individually while she was signing autographs. Listening to her story about how she started her brand and business, it is very inspiring and encouraging.

That's the highlight of my week, meeting Amy Butler!

Feels like I have been really lazy for the past 2 weeks. I blame the British weather!! Sunny, heat wave (err, kinda ;), rainy, cloudy, grey, rains a little bit more.....then I got a cold!! No, no, don't worry, it's not the "pig flu"!!

Can't wait till September comes, cos then my dress making course starts!! YES YES YES!! Really looking forward to it. I'm also going to some of The Make Lounge's workshops, including

Knockout knickers, Crochet fashion accessories, Crochet amigurumi toys and Wire wrapped jewellery. I might have gone a little bit too crazy there, but the football season starts soon and with my boyfriend getting Sky HD, I'd better keep myself occupied! ;)

Michelle and Margy, two friends from work, are doing the Knockout knickersworkshop in August. We were planning to do it all together but to cut a long story short I should have booked it for all of us when there were 4 places left but I ended up booking an hour after they did and it was fully booked. Now I have to go to this workshop by myself, boooo! Anyway, these two knickers ladies told me about The Make Lounge and now I'm kinda hooked on these craft workshops. Oh! forget that I'm also going to do Cupcake decorating too, and my boyfriend will be joining me on this one. Ha! I will eat all his cupcakes!! He thinks decorating cupcakes ruins his double tough image but I'm sure we will have a nice fun Saturday afternoon.

Michelle was telling me about these craft meeting places, groups and studios in the States and I'm glad that we've found something like that in London, like the Finishing School and The Make Lounge. Anyway, if you like crafts and live in London, do check out their websites!

Maybe August is meant to be a lazy month for me? Haven't made much stuff for my Etsy shop yet, but there are lots of new ideas running through my head, I just don't know where to start. My To Do list is massively long and some half completed bags and jewelry need to be finished....

So yeah, I think I'll blame the British weather and the weather man for me not being very active at crafting! ;) Maybe I should blog some more? Perhaps something about needle felting at Finishing School's meeting, my first crochet granny square and some lovely Ikea lights!!


I used to love these thin canvas tote bags you got free from shops or magazines. They're so simple but so handy. When I made my first tote bag, I kept that in mind, I wanted something simple, something different and maybe a little more durable than the free cotton bags.

It was last winter, I saw my work friend, Michelle, wearing a lovely vintage coat with large buttons on the front and a handbag with a red button, YES! BUTTONS!! From that moment on, I knew, that buttons and I would be "that" close!

Buttons on tote bags, I think they are cute!! You can find these simple tote bags from my Etsy shop and my friend Michelle's bag is not for sale! ;)